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Rubber & Plastic

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Main performance improvements:
  • Improve wear resistance
  • Improve processing performance
  • Improve the activity between polymer and inorganic filler
  • Rubber reinforcement
  • Improve tire wet skid resistance
  • Reduce tire resistance

To improve properties of rubber and plastic compounds, the most efficient way is to add inorganic fillers or reinforcing agents. Adding fillers can not only improve the quality and reduce the cost of products, but also significantly improve the properties of rubber and plastic products. However,  the different chemical structures and physical morphology between inorganic fillers and organic polymers often affect the mechanical properties and processing properties of rubbers and plastic products.


To solve above problems, silanes are introduced to act as coupling agents and dispersing agents. Treated by proper silanes, inorganic fillers can be closely combined with organic polymers. Especially, the strength, cohesion, electrical properties, hydrophobicity and anti-aging properties of the compounds can be significantly improved. These silane coupling agents are also acting as polymerization modifiers and crosslinking agents in the synthesis of various polymers.


Silicone oil also play an important role in rubbers and plastics industries, they are mainly used as a releasing agent in various rubber and plastic products formulations. Such releasing agent not only makes mold release easier, but also makes the surface of rubber and plastic products clean, clear and smooth.


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