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Chloro silanes and silane intermediates can be used for the synthesis of a wide variety of silane coupling agents, silicone fluids, silicone resins, silicone rubbers and other chemical compounds. They are basic materials, silylation reagents, allylation reagents, electronic donors or terminating agents.


Chloro silanes are primarily used as the raw material of silane coupling agents manufacturing. For example, vinyl chlorosilane can be used to produce vinyl functional silanes with alkyl or alkoxy groups.


Phenyl chlorosilanes are the basic raw material for the preparation of phenyl functional silanes such as phenyltrimethoxysilane, phenyltriethoxysilane and methylphenyldimethoxysilane.

Silane intermediates are used to the produce various organosilicon compounds and pharmaceutical intermediates or API. Allyl silanes are mainly used as allylation reagents while tert-butyl silanes are mainly used as silylation reagents.


Dual-end type siloxanes with special molecule structures can be used to produce a wide variety of silicone fluids, silicone resins and silicone rubbers. Among them, dual-end siloxanes with amino functional group and epoxy functional group can also be used to produce finishing agents and softening agents for textiles, leathers and fabrics.


Methyl silicone fluids, Alkyl & alkoxy, Chloro, silane intermediates, etc.



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