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Fiber Glass & Composites

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Main performance improvements:
  • Improve mechanical performance
  • Improve electrical performance
  • Improve interface moisture resistance
  • Improve flame retardancy
  • Improve the efficiency of filler dispersion
  • Improve the strength and durability of composite materials in wet and dry environments
  • Improve the integrity and processability of the fiber chain

Silane coupling agent can improve the rigidity of fiber glass and the cutting property obviously. At the same time, avoid the defects formed in the drawing process of the glass fiber so as to ensure the surface integrity, quality of the glass fiber, prevent the damage of the glass fiber in the processing process, and improve the tensile strength of the glass fiber itself.


The biggest benefit of silane coupling agent in glass fiber reinforced composites is to strengthen the bond between glass fiber and resin, ensuring the quality will not degrade caused by the invasion of moisture. Silane can form covalent bond molecular layer on the surface of glass fiber,  preventing the invasion of water molecules to the greatest extent, the organic groups of silane coupling agent can react with the resin, improve the adhesion between glass fiber and resin, thus greatly improve the mechanical properties of glass fiber reinforced composites.


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