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The silicone products used in textiles, dyeing are silicone oils with different functions groups.
Among them, dimethyl silicone oil is the most important additive with largest consumption in the textile industry. Silicone oils can give finishing fabric soft, lubricating, waterproof, anti-static, elastic, non-iron, anti-mildew, anti-bacterial and other functions. Besides, they are also used in defoaming, textile and dyeing equipment lubrication.

Dimethyl silicone oil or polydimethylsiloxane was the first product to be introduced into the textile industry. It is used as softener, lubricant, waterproofing agent, finishing agent and so on.


For high-end demand of textiles, silicone oils with various functional groups have been developed to achieve properties such as waterproofing flame retardant, antistatic, fixing and so on.


Amino modified silicone oil has all the properties of PDMS/dimethyl silicone oil and can give fabric better softness and smoothness. Epoxy modified silicone products can further improve the durability of non-yellowing finishing, but the feeling is worse than amino modified silicone oil


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