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  • Siwin-V32
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  • Siwin-V32
  • 78-08-0




The Equivalent List

   A-151          Z-6518      KBE-1003         VTEO            GF56

Typical Physical Properties  

Product No.:                   Siwin-V32

Chemical Name:               Vinyltriethoxysilane

CAS NO.:                   78-08-0

EINECS NO.:               201-081-7

Formula:                       C8H18O3Si

Appearance:                   Colorless Transparent Liquid

Density(ρ20℃,g/m³):       0.9110±0.0050

Refractive Index( n 25℃ ):       1.3960±0.0050

Purity(by GC,%):               98%

Chemical Structure:  


Couping agent in filled polymer systems, which cure via a free radical mechanism. Finish for glass or a binder additive in glass-reinforced polyester resins.

Integral additive in mineral-filled polyester or DAP resin compounds. Additive to mineral-filled elastomers which are peroxide vulcanised.


210L Iron Drum: 200kg/drum

1000L IBC Container: 900kg/container  


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