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Silicone Powder Siwin-SP1100A

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  • Siwin-SP1100A
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  • Siwin-SP1100A
  • 55% Silione 45% Silica

Silicone Powder 



SP1100A is a powdered formulation with 55% ultra high molecular weight siloxane polymer and 45% silica . It is recommend to be used as processing aids in various thermoplastic formulations such as halogen free flame retardant wire&cable compounds , PVC compounds , engineering compounds, pipes, plastic/filler masterbatches..etc .

Fundamental Parameters

         Name                                            SP1100A

         Appearance                                       White powder

         Silicone content                %                  55

         Dosage                       %(w/w)              0.2~2%


Improve processing properties including better flow ability , reduced extrusion die drool , less extruder torque , better molding filling & release

Improve surface quality like surface slip, lower Coefficient of friction, Greater abrasion & scratch resistance

Faster throughput , reduce product defect rate.

Enhance stability compare with traditional processing aid or lubricants  

Slightly increase LOI and reduce heat release rate , smoke ,and carbon monoxide evolution


How to use  

Addition levels between 0.5~2.0% are recommended . Strongly suggest to pre-blend LYSI-100A and thermoplastic pellets prior to introduction to extrusion process .  


20Kg / bag , craft paper bag


Transport as non-hazardous chemical. Store in a cool , well ventilated place .

Shelf life

Original characteristics remain intact for 24 months from the production date , if kept in recommend storage.

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