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  • Siwin-P121
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  • Siwin-P121
  • 3027-21-2



The Physical Properties

Product No.:Siwin-P121

Chemical Name:Methylphenyldimethoxysilane

CAS NO.:3027-21-2


Appearance:Colorless Transparent Liquid Density(ρ20g/m³ 0.99

Refractive Index( n 25 ):1.478-1.481

Purity(by GC,%):98%

Molecular Weight:182.29

Boiling point:199 ºC (750 mmHg)

Flash point:80 ºC

Chemical Structure:


Used in a wide range of applications including:

Silane Coupling Agent, Silane Adhesion Promoter, Silane Hydrophobing Agent, Silane Dispersing Agent, Silane Crosslinking Agent, Silane Moisture Scavenger, Polypropylene Catalyst "Donor" Silane, Silicate Stabilizer, Polyurethane Endcapper Silane, Silane Drying Agent, Silane Curing Agent, Silane Reinforcer, Silylating Agent, Silane Reducing Agent, Silyl Building Blocks and Synthons etc.

Packing and Storage

200L PVF steel drum or on request. Stored in a cool, dry place. Avoid light.


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