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  • Siwin-AV31
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The Physical Properties

Product No.:Siwin-AV31

Chemical Name:Diethylenetriaminopropyltrimethoxysilane

CAS NO.:35141-30-1

EINECS NO.:252-390-9


Appearance:Yellowish transparent liquid 

Refractive Index( n 25 ):1.4585~1.4595

Purity(by GC,%):90 min; 

Chemical Structure:


As additive to PVC-pastisols, AV31 can improve excellent adhesion between PVC and metals.

As corrosion inhibitor in liquid detergents, AV31 can improve the chip resistance of the paint, cut

down rust problem

AV31 can be used as size ingredient for glassfibers and glass fabrics.

AV31 can be used as additives for fundry resins, like penolic, furan and melamine resins. AV31 also

can be used as primer or additive for adhesive and sealants.


210L Iron Drum: 200kg/drum

1000L IBC Container: 1000kg/container


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