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  • Siwin-AD31
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  • Siwin-AD31
  • 82985-35-1


Silane Siwin-AD31


Typical Physical Properties  

Appearance:                Colorless or yellowish clear liquid.

CAS NO.:                   82985-35-1

Purity:                      ≥ 95%

Formula:                    C12H31NO6Si2


Molecular Weight:            341.55

Boiling Point:                316℃

Density (ρ20) g/cm3:        1.045

Refractive Index (n25D):      1.429


Used as an important additive for many applications. Examples are:

1. Silane-endcapped Polyurethanes: Silane-terminated polyurethanes can be prepared by reacting traditional NCO-terminated urethane prepolymers with NQ-351. It can react very fast with free isocyanate groups and lead to a high converted silane-endcapped product. Side reactions can be significantly reduced.

2. The most recommended silane for endcapping Polyurethanes. It leads to colorless low-viscosity PU prepolymers with improved UV stability and reduced yellowing tendency of sealants.

3. Glass fiber/glass fabric composites: As a finish or size constituent

4. Mineral fiber insulating materials and abrasives: As an additive to phenolic resin binders

5. Foundry resins: As an additive to phenolic, furan and melamine resins

6. Sealants and adhesives: As a primer or additive and for chemical modification

7. Mineral-filled polymers (composites) or HFFR cables: For pretreatment of fillers and pigments

8. Paints and coatings: As an additive and primer for improving adhesion to the substrate. As a primer for glass and metal.

Packaging and Storage

200L PVF steel drum or on request.

Stored in a cool, dry place. Avoid light.


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