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MS Polymer / Silyl-Terminated-Polyether-M312

  • Siwin-M312
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  • Siwin-M312
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MS Polymer / Silyl-Terminated-Polyether


Siwin-M312 is a silane terminated polyether, which is endcapped by trimethoxysilyl group, the main chain is PPO (polypropylene oxide). It hydrolyzes in the presence of moisture with catalyst (such as: amine catalysis, or Tin and other heavy metal) by releasing methanol and finally form a stable siloxane network. It is a clear liquid polymer with the high reactivity, which is made into the sealant and adhesive.Then products have excellent adhesion, weather resistance, better environmental protection etc.

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Typical Physical Properties

Siwin Brand:


Chemical Name

Trimethoxysilane Terminated Polyether

CAS No.:



Colorless Transparent Liquid

Flash Point ():


Viscosity (25) / mpa·s:

10000 - 12000

Density (25) / g/cm3::

1.02 – 1.05

Catalyst Dosage (Tin, %):

1 - 2

Chemical Structure:


High Active, Fast Curing.

Good mix with normal additives.

Good transparency.

Good yellowish resistance.

Excellent mechanical properties.

Widely bond to substrates.


1. It’s widely applied and accepted by related fields, such as sealants, adhesive, coatings etc.

2. It’s a kind of high-molecular polymer based on alkoxy-terminated with polyether as main chain, so that many products used this polyether will be excellent performance and high value-added.

3. It's synthesized to resin products, which are kinds of viscosity grades and moisture curable type with structure morphology, can meet the different demands of using.

4. Applied to hydroxyl scavenger agent, it can improve the storage stability of silica gel material in order to gelate slowly. It can also used as silica-base reagent, chain extender and basic polymer made from alkoxy end-capping etc.


1. Siwin-M312 can react with water or by absorbing moisture from the air, so it is important to isolate moisture during storage and production.

2. The dosage of Siwin-M312 can be flexibly changed in the formulation design, and it can be mixed with most fillers such as nano calcium carbonate, heavy calcium carbonate, fumed silica, quartz powder, diatomaceous earth, aluminum hydroxide, etc..

3. In order to avoid pre-curing of the product, it is necessary to remove water from the filler. Siwin-V31 is generally used as a water scavenger.

4. Commonly used plasticizers are phthalates (PPG, DOP, DINP, DIDP, etc.), low molecular weight polyethers, etc.

5. In order to get better performance, you can mix other additives together, for example, tackifiers, antioxidants, mildew inhibitors, light stabilizers, etc.


In 200L PVF steel drum.

Safety and Storage

Keep in a cool and dry place and avoid storage in direct sunlight. It is non-hazardous substance.

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